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"I am now the proud owner of three paintings. Pete's work captured my attention as soon as I saw it. I fell for the unique style and non-conformist subjects."

Jolyon Lawson 

"I recently left a full-time career in education and I feel privileged to be able to continue to educate through the artistic work in The Creative LabAmong them is yours. 

To date I have been able to impart political history (John Prescott), British comedy (Sid James), and discuss Harry Potter (and let's face it, who doesn't love that!). All the while, having a captivated, young audience. 

They appreciate the art before judging the subject. Long may this work continue and expand. Proud to have you on board!"

Chris Kidd, Co-director at The Creative Lab.

Copyright Mikey Mathieson The Creative Lab

"Best painting we have ever seen and a sound investment for the future."

    "Loving our new portrait from the wonderful Pete Frankish. 

    Takes pride of place in the living room!"